Open Source Suite CRM Implementation

Suite CRM

An open Source CRM Automation Platform

Tailormade Just For You

Enhance the business digital and operational capabilities

Start to finish CRM implementation services centred around business challenges, effective Suite CRM management system keep track of prospect, leads, and customer information offer indebted reporting to go deeper with all your business data and metrics. Enhance user experience share real-time analytics on team and business performance, ultimatly support forecasting business growth.

Suite CRM rich features give full flexibility to automate business operations.

Suite CRM features are centred on speeding up business communication with the targeted prospect, leads and customers. Also offer a wide range of customization, fully flexible to optimize as per the requirement.

Highlights of the basic Suite CRM automation platform


User Account Login

User Account creation and setting up data access permission based on role and responsibility


Indebt Reporting

Advance reporting to forecast business growth, real-time analytics on user’s performance, indebt view on sales metrics and more.


Auto Alerts

Auto alerts to keep users updated about the critical task including meetings, prioritize leads, follow-ups, mails and other responsibilities.


Prospect Lead and Client Management

Centralized Suite CRM platform keeps track of prospects, leads and client information, including all business interactions


Basic Integration

Basic Suite CRM integration includes Email Integration, Social Media Integration, Cloud Phone System integration, Calendar integration and team communication platform integration.


Mobile Application

Our professionals are expert in developing a user-friendly mobile UI, ultimately help Managing a business from the mobile devices.

Advance Suite CRM implementation to connect all the departmental operations

Centralized Connected Platform Development

We are expert in developing a robust platform of Suite CRM by integrating it with the third-party applications, ultimately gives you a rock-solid implementation and profound customer view across all the departments.

Suite CRM integration with the third-party API

Third-party API integration is essential to provide better customer experience. Suite CRM and third-party API integrated platform lead updated data flow across all the departments to acknowledge customer status effectively and deliver excellent client experience. Chaos Elevators professionals boost the Suite CRM performance and experts in creating a centralized platform of Marketing, Sales, Support, Accounting, Human Resource, and customer service departments to deliver an accurate customer view.

Some cool tips for managing customer responsively across all the departments


Suite CRM and Marketing Automation Tools Integration

Bi-directional integration streamlines the communication between sales and marketing, share a profound view of qualified customers into the CRM application to enhance the sales journey.


Connect Your Accounting Software API with the Suite CRM Platform

CRM and accounting software connectivity support recognizing profits, Bidirectional cost management, generating meaningful reports, Keeping sales reps updated on client payments, streamline audit trail accountability.


Integrate Suite CRM with the leading business prospecting tools API

Business prospecting tools API into the CRM platform helps acknowledge targeted prospects effectively and boost marketing campaigns to generate qualified responses.


Streamline the business operations by integrating ERP and Suite CRM software

Sync your ERP and CRM platform to enhance the updated data flow across all the departments, get complete real-time visibility of your customers and departmental functions.


Take advantage of online front store by integrating ecommerce and Suite CRM

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Requirement Centric Implementation


Expert in third-party API integration

Suite CRM implementation process

Requirement analysis & CRM installation

Data migration and customization

Setting up automated workflows

Third Party API Integration and deployment

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