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Customer Service application development
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Service software plays a crucial role in streamlining customer service operations, increasing agent productivity, and finding solutions faster to deliver personalized customer service. The connected platform brings cases from all the channels, including Emails, Social media, Phone, and connected devices, into a customer service platform.

As per the agent responsibility and availability, intelligence features automatically route top priority cases. Most importantly, the integrated customer service platform brings relevant information from a data source to share a customer account detailed view. ultimately support agent acknowledging customer concerns virtually.   

Real-time analytics regarding the agent performance, average call handling time, customer satisfaction, number of daily cases, successfully resolved issues, and pending client concerns help you monitor your service agent performance effectively.

We develop a requirement-centric unified platform to improve customer support interactions.

Features Highlights:

Omnichannel implementation:

Clients can decide on any correspondence medium – telephone, email, web-based media, or online visit to look for help from your association. A decent client service framework underpins omnichannel correspondence.

  • Skill-based routing engages the right agent with excellent work at the right time.
  •  Manage priorities so that agents can automatically receive work.
  • Omnichannel gives a detailed view. You can quickly check how busy your agent is, cases they are working upon.  

Live Agent Chat

Live Agent Chat implementation delivers the personalized customer service experience from any device, completely customizable to give a touch of company brand value. When the chat comes in an integrated customer service platform, it brings a complete 360-degree view of the customer, provides the right information about previous service interaction. Above all, chats automatically route to the right agent and provide full flexibility to answer common questions automatically.

Automatic case alerts service cloud:

Automatic alerts keep your agent updated about the prioritize case, Pending cases in queue, and successfully resolved cases. Ultimately helps delivering the best customer experience. Most importantly, it keep your agent connected with the client on-going and pending issues.

Electronic Case Management

Successfully implemented electronic case management application has following potentials:

  • Automatically route and shortlist client engagement from various channels
  • Auto identification prioritize cases
  • Keep track of every case information, customer concerns in standardize notes, what’s more, appointing to different team members or groups whenever needed.    

Our professionals are also experts in implementing the Salesforce service cloud platform.


Automate your customer service operations by implementing the world No one service platform

Salesforce service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Salesforce service cloud is the world no1 customer success platform, provides you a most engaging platform to better connect with your customer, and helps agents find the solution faster, ultimately enhance your customer service experience.  Please feel free to discuss service cloud End-to-end implementation.  

Custom service Application development

We develop requirement centric customer service software helps your agent effectively monitor customer journey, share real-time report analytics on customer satisfaction, pending cases, successfully resolved issues, and team performance. A fully automated application collects information from a centralized data source and gives a complete 360-degree view of customer interaction. Above all, Existing knowledge articles assist service agents while dealing with complex customer issues.