Custom CRM integration with third-party API

Custom CRM integration with third-party API

Why is 3rd party APIs integration crucial for business growth?

Third-party APIs integration brings a meaningful collaboration between all the departments and streamlining the business operation. Connected software application generates meaningful business analytics that ultimately helps to monitor end-end business growth effectively. CRM integration with the third-party software application keeps your sales reps updated about the customer journey across various departments and share meaningful information to map a business journey. 

  • Connected CRM and marketing automation tools share a profound view of all the marketing efforts involve in generating qualified interest directly into the customer CRM application, ultimately support sales reps acknowledging qualified leads effectively.
  • A centralized platform of accounting software and CRM applications streamline your payment-related communication. Sales reps, customer account managers can directly check the transaction details of existing or new customers. 
  • Integration between your custom CRM application and company website, keep track of your website responses into the CRM application, further assignment rules automatically assign qualified answers to the sales reps. 
  • Prospecting tool & CRM application enhance your marketing outreach.
  • LinkedIn integration plays a crucial role in mapping a customer journey. Sales reps can quickly check targeted customer’s profiles, ultimately understanding qualified leads role and responsibilities, decision-making process, and more.

ERP integration to create a single customer view across all the departments

ERP integration with the CRM application and other third-party APIs ensures all the departmental applications are connected through the single source of information to create a single customer view across all the departments. Centralizing business information of Marketing, Sales, Human Resource, Inventory, Customer support, and Accounting streamline end-to-end departmental operations, increase meaningful collaboration, ultimately support driving responsive business growth.

Custom CRM integration with marketing automation tools

Pairing marketing software and custom CRM application streamline sales communication and departmental collaboration.

Your marketing team is completely aligned with the sales team, and you instantly know which leads are most likely to buy. Marketing automation insights related to the prospect’s latest activity and engagements with your offerings are directly available in your custom CRM so that sales reps can immediately follow up with appropriate actions.

Marketing automation tools allow marketers to create beautiful landing pages, forms to capture leads. Most importantly, integrated platform gives full opportunities to share your campaign’s qualified responses with the sales team.

We have years of experience in the marketing-sales centralized platform and deeply understand the business operations need to be implemented.

Custom CRM and Accounting Software Pairing

A typical communication platform of CRM application & accounting software streamlines sales communication and customer account handling. A profound view of customer transaction history helps sales reps & customer account managers acknowledge customers effectively.

Highlights of Sales- accounting common communication platform

An end-to-end customer transaction view helps salespeople acknowledge their preference and ultimately supports mapping a meaningful customer journey. Software collaboration between sales and accounting streamline the payment process. A centralized information support customer account manages to handle a pending invoice effectively.

A centralized platform of integrated CRM & customer service software

With an integrated platform, you can deliver a complete view of your customer and save your employee’s time while assisting clients. The right view of customer profile from sales to accounting help the service team handing customer enquires virtually.

A quick walkthrough of our application integration experience

We believe in developing a centralized platform of various applications to automate departmental operations and implementing a single source of business information (ERP) if required.

We are experienced in integrating the following additional software with a custom CRM application.

Cloud Phone System and CRM integration
LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration
Business prospecting tools integration
Video conferencing and business meeting platform integration  
ERP and connected custom CRM implementation

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