Custom CRM Implementation

Custom CRM development aims to curb low lead conversion and sales rates, poor visibility into the sales process, inefficient marketing campaigns, and unsatisfactory customer service. For 11+ years, Chaos Elevators, Inc. has addressed such CRM issues with CRM development services. We help B2B and B2C companies achieve higher efficiency of sales, marketing and customer service for a considerable revenue and profit increase with custom CRM software.

Tired of losing revenue out of insufficiently digitized processes, poor sales, inefficient marketing campaigns, and slow customer service? Get a Consultation

Chaos Elevaotrs, Inc collaborates with you from the discovery stage of implementation to understand the business goals, existing technology systems, and by continuing with your unique vision in mind. We recommend an implementation strategy that will custom fit your business.

Business Problems You Can Solve with Custom CRM Development

With custom CRM development services, you can improve your business results by obtaining the benefits below:

The lack of custom CRM can manifest in

  • Low sales rates and revenue out of lost opportunities
  • Customer-related processes are only partially covered with CRM
  • Poorly performing sales reps
  • Lack of visibility into sales operations and employee performance
  • An inefficient collaboration of sales, marketing, and customer service departments
  • Low marketing and customer service outcomes
  • Low convenience of CRM use

With custom CRM development services you get

  • Increased revenue due to the properly optimized and automated sales process
  • CRM covers customer-related processes end-to-end, not only sales, marketing, and customer service but also, for example:
    • product configuration,
    • customer onboarding,
    • product or service delivery,
    • subscription management,
    • project staffing, etc.
  • Sales reps’ productivity increase due to higher convenience of the customized CRM solution
  • Improved sales process visibility and controllability due to sales activities tracking and analytic features
  • Efficient cross-departmental collaboration due to integrating sales, marketing, and customer service CRM modules. Effective involvement of employees from other departments with CRM collaboration features
  • Effective marketing and customer service activities due to a 360-degree customer view, intelligent customer segmentation, and personalized customer communication
  • A convenient and easy-to-use CRM due to intuitive UI

Why Choose Chaos Elevators, Inc. as Your Custom CRM Development Services Provider

  • 11+ years in CRM development.
  • Extensive industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, financial services, telecoms, etc.
  • Established project management processes.

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What Custom CRM Development Services Include

Business Analysis

Implies investigating your business objectives and suggesting ways to address them with CRM functionality.

CRM Development

Means tailoring your CRM solution to your business goals with customization, or building custom functionality from scratch.

Quality Assurance

Implies checking that the CRM functionality works as required, spotting bugs and deficiencies in the system.

Risk and Change Management

Implies defining a change strategy and steps to make changes safely and avoid unwelcome consequences a change process can entail.

Data Migration from Legacy CRM Systems or Spreadsheets

Is transferring your data into a new CRM solution without data loss, corruption or impact on your live business processes.

User Training

This means teaching employees to adopt CRM’s functionality and use it efficiently.

Product Rollout

Implies transferring the CRM solution to the production environment where end-users can exercise its capabilities to the full.

Support and Evolution

May include additional tuning of CRM features and processes to comply with emerging user needs. In other cases, support may entail ongoing improvements aimed to help CRM evolve and keep up with the digital transformation of the company.

All these service stages may be supported by CRM consulting to make sure you obtain maximum value from your CRM solution.

Sales automation includes features for managing the sales process (sales stages, activities and workflows), drawing up rules to pricing options for products and services, CPQ for creating and managing quotes, etc.

Customer service automation includes features for case management, intelligent case routing from multiple communication channels, a knowledge base with useful articles, field service management, etc.

CRM integration with internal (e.g., internal websites, portals) and external systems (ERP, ITSM, CMS, email, CTI, etc.) ensures seamless work of CRM with connected systems and provides increased visibility of data flows across them.

Enterprise-wide CRM-based collaboration apps allow real-time document collaboration inside CRM to help employees keep on the same page and manage deals more quickly and easily.

Marketing automation includes features for email marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, and B2B marketing automation, etc.

CRM data analytics implies reflecting the state of sales, customer service, and marketing in customizable reports and dashboards.

Company-specific features developed from scratch to reflect business process peculiarities and support those processes to the full.

Customer and partner management functionality includes features for building branded customer and partner portals, forums, and sites.

Need Even More Custom CRM Functionality?

We don’t stick to the offered functionality list. Instead, we investigate each customer’s needs and build a corresponding CRM solution. Get a personalized offer.

3 Points of Concern in Custom CRM Development You Won’t Have To Worry About

Turning to Chaos Elevators for custom CRM software, you will be able to get the following benefits essential for the majority of businesses on the market:

Reasonable costs of a custom CRM solution

Custom-built CRM solutions and deeply customized CRMs may come at a price. We leverage our extensive development experience and industry knowledge to create a CRM solution that’s optimal for your business and not too heavy on the pocket. For that, we carefully analyze your business needs and properly prioritize the delivery of functionality, starting with the essential features only. We also use frameworks, libraries, and open-source components to speed up the development process and save time.

Fast development process

To avoid prolonged development, which results in CRM’s cost creep, we use agile methodologies to deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) approximately in 2-3 months. Then we evolve the solution further, adding more advanced features so that you could get a fully functional solution within 6 months.

Protection of sensitive sales information

The security of our development processes is proven with the ISO 27001 certification. To mitigate your concern about providing access to sensitive sales data, we sign an NDA with our customers, which eliminates the possibility of disclosure of such info.

Still in Doubt, Whether Your CRM Needs Will Be Addressed?

If you have any questions about whether we can provide CRM services you need, ask our team for more info. Get the answers.