Custom CRM Implementation Strategies

Custom CRM Implementation Strategies

Requirement centric custom CRM development

CRM applications are needed to manage the customer data effectively, share real-time analytics on user’s performance, streamline sales operations, helps in monitoring the entire team or individual sales reps performance, and generate real time business analytics to forecast the organization growth. Chaos Elevators is the leading provider of requirement centric CRM application, we collaborate from the discovery stage to acknowledge your existing CRM technology system and the sales team working methodology accordingly develop an entirely new requirement centric CRM application to manage contacts, leads, and customer data effectively. Most importantly, after deploying the requirement centric CRM applications we provide a dedicate user training and support which includes:

  • User account maintenance
  • Build, maintain and manage custom reports, dashboards, and workflows

  • Data Migration and maintenance

  • New user account creation

  • And more

Custom CRM features to enhance the sales process

Custom CRM application plays a vital role in automating an end to end prospect to the customer journey and provides a centralized platform to manage your sales data effectively, ultimately help in driving the business growth.

Capture website visitors directly to the CRM software:

Web to lead implementation to keep track of the visitor’s information into the custom CRM application further route the qualified leads to the sales reps according to the role and responsibilities, geographical location, and domain expertise.

Users Email Account Integration:

Users Email Account Integration: By integrating business email applications you can directly manage the business communication, important notification, meeting alerts from the CRM system.

  • Incoming Emails automatically appear in custom CRM application
  • With the customized email template, you can personalize your business in more meaningful ways
  • Automatic alerts in custom CRM software keeps users updated about their schedules 

Prospect, Leads, and Customer Management

A centralized platform to keep track of your targeted business accounts, qualified responses, and customer information, ultimately help sales reps by sharing a profound view of the business accounts while mapping a personalized business journey. Custom CRM application monitors all the business engagement occurs in between prospect to the customer journey. And keeps Sales reps updated about the on-going conversation with the targeted accounts.

Reports and dashboards implementation:

We centralized your entire sales data into the single platform to generate meaningful business reports, Leads reports, sales reports, the entire team or individual performance reports, revenue forecasting reports, ultimately help understand the business growth effectively. 

Automatic Business Alerts

Automatic alerts keep your sales reps updated about the daily task, prioritize leads, important emails, client responses, and more.

    • When new leads come in, sales reps get an automatic notification.
    • Daily activity reminders keep users updated about their prioritize work.
    • Email notification: Custom CRM automatically notify and prioritize the important emails and keep sales reps engage with the responsive accounts.


Users account creation based on role and responsibilities

In most of the scenarios, custom CRM users’ roles and responsibilities are different, and CRM application needs to personalize as per the user responsibilities. Before taking on user account creation, our custom CRM consultant understands your sales team working methodology accordingly, customizes user account, and further implements system permission to restrict or provide data access. 

  • Sales reps account creation 
  • Team lead account creation 
  • Sales manager account creation
  • Account manager account creation 
  • C-Level sales executives account creation. 

Without third-party APIs custom CRM is incomplete

CRM integration with third-party APIs to create a departmental collaboration

Connected third-party APIs with the CRM application streamline departmental communication, increase custom CRM operational functionality, and a profound view of a customer account helps sales reps in mapping a customer journey.

CRM Integration with the marketing automation tools:

A complete 360-degree view of qualified leads helps sales reps acknowledging customer account effectively, a profound view of marketing efforts into the CRM application support in mapping a business journey.

The integrated platform of sales and marketing automation tools generates meaningful analytics, ultimately help in forecasting business growth.

ERP, CRM, and third party APIs integration

Connect all the departmental applications with a single source of data to streamline departmental operations and to make sure all the connected applications talk the same language, ultimately helps to monitor end to end business cycle effectively.

CRM Integration with accounting software

Integrated accounting function and CRM application, support sales reps understanding customer billings and transaction details effectively. End to End financial information of existing accounts into the CRM software streamlines the business communication with the on-going customers, ultimately helps sales reps mapping a responsive business journey with the existing accounts.

Our CRM consultants collaborate from the discovery stage to understand your technology system requirement, further recommend the best implementation strategy custom fit to the business needs.

Feel free to get in touch with the certified Custom CRM consultants. 

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