Application Integration Services

Application Integration Services

CRM integration services to streamline the sales operations

While mapping business journey, your sales reps need profound information about the targeted prospect, lead and customer. A detailed view of business engagement helps acknowledge customer effectively. Most importantly, CRM application integration with third-party APIs streamline sales operation and provide a meaningful platform to communicate with targeted prospect leads and customers effectively.

Integrated CRM platform share meaningful information and support sales reps in mapping a one to one customer journey, detailed view of qualified marketing campaigns, lead generation process and customer engagements help sales reps in driving a responsive communication. Most importantly, Connected CRM platform enhances the customer accounts monitoring, a detailed view of customer payment history, pending invoice assist sales reps or account managers acknowledge customer accounts successfully. That is to say, integrated CRM platform hand over your sales reps required information to generate quality revenue for the organizations. 

Integrated custom CRM platform to manage end to end business operations

Before taking on the custom CRM implementation, we collaborate to understand your organization functions, further acknowledge the existing information technology systems accordingly recommend the best implementation strategies custom fit to the business requirement. Above all, we guarantee the end-to-end sales and business operations automation. 

Highlights of the integrated custom CRM Services

Integrated CRM platform help monitor the end-to-end business functions, streamline marketing, sales, accounting, customer support operations. Connected application platform generates meaningful reports, help track sales operations effectively to forecast the business growth. An integrated platform increases departmental collaboration ultimately helps sales reps in driving meaningful engagement.

Chaos Elevators centralized platform of integrated CRM application

Our professionals are expert in developing connected CRM platform to monitor the sales operations and end to end business functions.

CRM and marketing automation tools integration: Integrated platform of CRM application and leading marketing automation tools, share profound information about the prospect engagement into the CRM application ultimately helps sales reps acknowledge prospect virtually. Generate meaningful reports on sales marketing performance. Most importantly, sales marketing merge reports share a detailed view of marketing qualified lead conversion, bring effective collaboration between both the departments.  

Business Email API integration: Complete 360 degree view of email communication between both the parties, support sales reps understanding the prospect, lead, and client effectively. Integrated email platform centralizes all your email communication with the respective Leads and client account, within a single click user can easily acknowledge the communication ultimately help in mapping a business journey.

That is to say, with integrated platform users get all the essential email notification directly into the CRM application and always keep the user updated about the delivery rate, open rate, client meetings, business meetings and more.

Cloud phone system integration: 50 present of the business communication proceed over the phone, integrated phone system with CRM application support sales reps in making an out bond calls directly from the CRM application, also keep track of all business calls into the CRM application. Most importantly, if there is an incoming call, the integrated platform quickly acknowledges the caller information from the data source, and provide the best possible information to the sales reps, ultimately helps in driving meaningful communication. Above all, sales managers can easily view reports based on call data and get valuable insights into the performance of every individual.

Webform integration: Web integration with CRM platform to manage your website qualified responses effectively; exact implementation of assignment rules automatically route allowed leads to the user responsible for that domain. Above all, connected platform generate more meaningful analytics, give a profound view of website lead conversion, ultimately help you acknowledge the SEO team performance.

Accounting Software API integration: Connected platform of sales and accounting information drive meaningful engagement between both the departments, help monitor customer account effectively within a click sales reps got detailed knowledge of client purchasing history. Sync between CRM and accounting software creates accurate revenue report, generate meaningful analytics and help monitor customer accounts payment cycle effectively. Above all, automatic alerts keep sales reps updated about their client transaction, pending invoices, billing dates and more.

Linked In and sales navigator integration: integration brings sales navigator data directly into the CRM application, autosave LinkedIn qualified responses and leads to eliminate the manual data entry. Keep your sales reps informed about the sales navigator prioritize responses allowing you to optimize one to one business communication.

Chaos Elevator always implements the requirement centric CRM application; our professionals collaborate from the discovery stage, to understand your CRM automation pain points, further, implement the exact business requirement.

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