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Enterprise Software Solutions

Where the programming engineers apply designing standards to deliver the best user experience

Common communication platform through HL7 to streamline hospital operations

Chaos Elevators is an expert in designing and developing a common communication platform through HL7 to streamline clinical and hospital operations. We simplify medical devices integration through HL7, and mirth connects, finally develops a fully integrated healthcare technology system.

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CRM Development and Implementation

Chaos Elevators, Inc offers custom CRM Application development and Implementation of leading CRM platforms Like Suite CRM, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, and Salesforce.

Tools and Technology Implementation

We integrate and implement automation to streamline business operations. Our professionals are experts implementing the technology system to the business-standard.

IT Healthcare Services

Several healthcare information system integrations through HL7 and mirth connect to transfer health data quickly, reliably, and securely.

ERP Software Implementation is one of the things we do best

ERP software solutions allow you to polish business processes and stop losing money. In this article, we’ll tell you more about customized ERP solutions and give a piece of advice on how to plan the ERP software development process effectively. 

Almost any modern organization use customized ERP software in one or other form. As a rule, these solutions are modular and store an essential business information in a central database.
Probably the main benefit of having custom ERP software is that it can link together a variety of processes delivering better efficiency to the entire company. For example, it’s possible to track the full revenue cycle, starting from invoices ending with cash recipients. The big deal is all the data don’t have to be synchronized between several systems if you build your ERP system.
Our team of ERP software developers can help your company prevent mistakes leading to financial, time and other losses by taking care of the entire chain of business processes. Imagine: you make a massive deal with a customer. But the next day it was found out that the company is out of inventory to finalize it. Neither you nor the client is satisfied. Unpleasant situations like this do not occur with a well-tailored software solution. It’s no surprise that many companies resort to custom ERP development to avoid such cases.
In conclusion, ERP frameworks integrate many business measures and empower the progression of data between them. By gathering an association’s shared value-based data from different sources, ERP frameworks dispose of information duplication and give information respectability, a solitary wellspring of truth.

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Integration services to create a centralized platform of Front Office with the back office.

We develop a centralized Platform of Front office ( Marketing, Sales, Support Services) with the back office ( Accounting, HR, Payroll, Regulatory and compliance work) to streamline the business operations..

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Salesforce Product Implementation

1. Sales Cloud Implementation 
2. Service Cloud Implementation 
3. Pardot Implementation  
4. Marketing Cloud Implementation
5.Commerce Cloud Implementation

Suite & Sugar CRM Implementation

1. CRM Architecture Planning 
2. Data Cleaning and Migration  3. Customization
4. Requirement Centric Development
5. Testing, Deployment and User Training


Successful Implementation

Lines of Code

  Software Developers

Years of Experience

Technology Implementation and development Services

Simplify your day to day business process by implementing a top technology system. Before implementing any product, we collaborate from the discovery stage to investigate your business requirement, further suggest the best implementation strategy to automate business operations.

Marketing Automation Implementation

Pardot, Hubspot, Marketing Cloud, Marketo

CRM Software Implementation

Custom made CRM software entirely tailor-fit for the business objective

Salesforce Product Implementation

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Commerce Cloud 

Suite CRM Implementation

World’s Number 1 Open Source CRM Software

Sugar CRM Implementation

Make every sale rep a top performer

Service CRM Application

CRM puts all your customer support interactions in one place, ultimately helps serving customers effectively

ERP Software Implementation

ERP frameworks integrate many business measures and empower the progression of data between them

Healthcare CRM Implementation

Centralize Patient Information, Patient appointments, Patient diagnosis, Patient medication

Secrets of Successful Project Implementation

Coding Skills

Application UI

Client Satisfaction



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Jason has a monster work ethic, and is a culture contributor. He’s fantastic for big projects, he’s not “too good” for small ones. I also appreciated his leadership and positive force on his team. I’m a fan, for sure.

Cory Reid

Tyton Partners – Investment Banking

I had the pleasure of working with Jason and his team, and hope I get the chance to in the future. He’s a hard worker with great determination and focus. He is a classic example of “Life gives you lemons, let’s make some lemonade”. His work ethic pays dividends in the instant value he provides to any company he works with.

Mike Blom


Hashrocket, as his friends call him,  and his team was incredibly valuable to us. They are regularly researching new ways to hone their skills and was the first to dig into new web technologies for a new product launch at MasteryConnect. Their experience in marketing makes them keenly aware of how users interact with and experience software, a trait that’s incredibly valuable. Sound technical skill and a great knowledge of usability that I’d love to work with again in the future and would be an asset to any organization.

Gabe Morazan